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Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves June 14, 2013

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I ran out in the middle of a recent thunderstorm. This was my first bloom of the year and I was determined to get a picture before the hail took it out. As soon as I got the photos I wanted while standing in ankle deep puddles being pelted by hail and rain the clouds parted long enough to cast the rainbow over the church towards the back of my house.

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WWW Wednesday – 01.23.2013 January 23, 2013

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WWW Wednesdays is a weekly meme held over on Should be Reading.

Currently Listening To:    Game of Thrones.    I was honestly going to start Cold Days because I have missed Harry, Murphy and most of all Butters but the internal reading masochist in me had me skipping the book and moving on down the playlist to Game of Thrones.   I honestly figured I would get a couple of disks into it, be lost and confused – well, more lost because I am confused on parts of it – then move on but I am completely into it.   I am very glad I watched the show before tackling the book.   It has made it much easier to keep track of the ever growing list of characters.   Tyrion is now a favorite both in the book and on the show.   For the most part I think the producers of the show got it right.  There are only a few characters that aren’t lining up for me but not enough to deter me from the book.   Maybe HBO learned their lesson with True Blood and changing everything up.

Currently Reading:  Still working on Kim Harrison – Black Magic Sanction.    I am never going to finish this book.  I might have to give up the pleasure of just sitting to read it and get the audio version from the library.   I don’t think I have even opened my Kindle in 2 weeks.

Black Magic

Just Finished:  Ted Dekker – The Bride Collector.  Another great suspense novel by Dekker.  I ended up liking this one more than Boneman’s Daughters.   The characters were so very real to me.  Dekker either did his research on mental health or has had the pleasure of seeing some of the brilliance behind the mania first hand.

Bride Collector

What I will read next:   I will once again say Cold Days but since the new Pendergast book “Two Graves” (Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child  http://www.prestonchild.com/) showed up at the library yesterday and will make its way onto my iPod this weekend who knows.    Spoiler alert if you read the summary of the new book without ever having read the rest in the series.    Love this series.   The Relic is the first book.   Yes, I know there was a movie but it was terrible.   The book is so much better.


WWW Wednesday – 1.9.2013 January 9, 2013

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WWW Wednesdays is a weekly meme held over on Should be Reading.

Currently Listening:  Ted Dekker – Bride Collector.   Almost finished, another excellent suspense book.   Ted did his research on mental illness and each character in the story “fits” with their diagnosis.  He incorporated them into the story highlighting the brilliance behind their ways of thinking.   I can’t wait to see how the last little bit plays out.

Bride Collector

Currently Reading:  Still working on Kim Harrison – Black Magic Sanction.    I have no idea when I will finish this book.  I’m only averaging a few pages a night.   It’s not that I don’t like the book because I do even though this last little bit was a bit on the sad side but Kim Harrison is continuing to grow the characters   The characters are all growing, getting older and moving through a life rather than just being kept in one place.

Black Magic

Just Finished:  Ted Dekker – Boneman’s Daughters.  Great suspense book!  A few things made me cringe but it, at least for me, shouldn’t be considered horror.


What I will read next:   Still delaying the read of the new Harry Dresden.   I know – I’m a dork for having a book that I want to read so badly yet not reading it because I don’t want it to be over and then having to wait a year for the next one.  I’ll start it next, most likely, probably – maybe.

I also have 2 Kay Scarpetta books loaded.  I started one then realized I had no clue what I reading and discovered that I never listened to the previous book but deleted it from my iPod thinking I had read it so it was another wait at the library to re-download.     So scatterbrained lately.   I am now keeping track of all the books I have loaded on various devices so I can check them off as I finish them.  Provided of course I remember to look at the list.  Probably should set a reminder for that…..


WWW Wednesday – 12.19.2012 December 19, 2012

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WWW Wednesdays is a weekly meme held over on Should be Reading.

Sadly not much has changed from my post last Wednesday.   Free time has been scarce and when I have been able to sit down and read I have zonked out 3 pages into my book.

Currently Listening:  Still working on Ted Dekker – Boneman’s Daughters.   I am loving this book.   I thought I had it figured out but the story just took a shift I didn’t see coming  and I am completely sucked into the story.   I only have 1 more disc to go so almost finished.


Currently Reading:  Still working on Kim Harrison – Black Magic Sanction.    I really need to finish – I’m 2 books behind!

Black Magic

Just Finished:  Hopefully by this time next Week I will have finished 2 books!

What I will read next:  Originally I was going to start the new Harry Dresden book but I have decided to delay reading this one just a little bit longer.  Stretch out Christmas.    I think I might read Ted Dekker – The Bride Collector.  Unless of course something else pops up at the library and then I will probably change my mind again.

My iPod is stacked with books to listen to – my kindle is still overflowing with purchased books that I haven’t been able to get to.   I swear when I win the lottery I am building a house with a reading room in it that is sound proof and bolts from the inside!


These are a few of my favorite things….

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Unlike past years where I have just grabbed the first Christmas decoration tote in front I had the other drag down all of the totes with the intent of weeding through old decorations to put in the annual spring yard sale.   While poking around with the YoYo I uncovered a little box of treasures – decorations from my Mom.    Every year since we were born she bought a new ornament for my brother and I.   This year I filled the tree with all of them.   Below are a few favorites.

1983 – Koala Bear.   I have always adored Koala Bears.   Mom and Dad scheduled a trip to San Diego one year when they hosted a couple of bears from a zoo in Australia.

Koala Bear

1974 – Holly Hobby – I was 2.   I still have my Holly Hobby doll that Santa brought me for Christmas.

Holly Hobby

1976 – I pitched a fit inside a Woolworth’s while visiting my Grandmother in Indiana because I liked the little mouse.  Good thing I wasn’t spoiled or anything.

Girl with Mouse in Cart

2003 – Hand painted glass ornament.  Mom bought this form me on one of our trips to the Outlet malls.   There was a huge Christmas shop and I didn’t think I was ever going to get her out of there.

Glass Ornament

1986 – Ordered right under my nose for my own school fundraiser.  I never even looked at the order form.   I still have the matching coffee cup that came with the ornament.


2008 – She purchased this one for me on our last trip to a big amusement park that has a huge holiday light display.   We went every year no matter how cold it was going to be.   Most of the time it was just her and I and I’m so thankful I took the time to go with her every year.   Once I had the YoYo and it was safe for him to be out and exposed to the world he always went with us.  Mom and I had a thing for birds and both of us have always had multiple feeders in the backyard.

Bird Feeder

2009 – Mouse House & Teapot.   2 of my Mom’s most treasured ornaments.   Mouse house we made together when I was 4 from a little kit.  This was my favorite ornament growing up and I begged her to let me have it every year when it came out.  The teapot has a little squirrel decorating a Christmas tree inside of it.   I always hung this one up so a light could go inside one of the windows to illuminate the squirrel.   My Dad gave her this ornament the year my brother was born.  Just a couple of weeks before my Mom was admitted to the hospital for the last time she gave these to me.   Unlike the others these 2 ornaments never get put away.   I leave them out so I can look at them at any time and think of her.

Mouse House & Teapot


WWW Wednesday December 12, 2012

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WWW Wednesdays is a weekly meme held over on Should be Reading.  Just answer the following questions to participate!

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Listening To:   Ted Dekker – Boneman’s Daughter’s.    New author for me.  I have been looking for a new suspense author and this one was recommended by a friend here at work.   I’m 3 discs into the book and really enjoying it.  Dekker is setting up the story nicely with a game of wits against the father of an abducted girl.



Currently Reading:   Kim Harrison – Black Magic Sanction.   Book #8 in “The Hollows” series.    Love this series.  Good mix of all things supernatural.

Black Magic


Recently finished reading, well – more listening:   Cross Fire – James Patterson.   #17 in the Alex Cross series. This series is just about done for me but I will most likely keep reading as long as the books are coming out.   For me Patterson has lost his way and needs to retire Alex Cross and send him off to be happy and out of danger for a change.  I have the next book in the series on my iPod already but it is low on the list to get to.

Cross Fire

What I will read next:   I will give in and start the new Harry Dresden book by Jim Butcher.   Love this wizard!

I was going to hold off because the sooner I finish it the longer I have to wait for the next one but this is one of my all time favorite series so I will cave and start reading it.

Don’t read on the link if you haven’t started the series – spoiler alert!  Must read in order. 


Cold Days



Happy Reading!


Space for Lease November 30, 2012

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Space for Lease

This is what should apparently be posted above my head at all times.   This week’s Studio30 Plus prompt is Running & 15 bits of random thoughts.  I’ve always thought my mind was cluttered with random things, actively working, thinking and just go go go in general until I actually had to think about what random things are in my head and I came up empty.   I knew I tended to be very one task minded most of the time but geez.    Not to be confused of course with me not being able to multi-task because I can and do that I just can’t remember what is randomly going through my head.    Lots of empty real estate up there in the noggin.    My Dad has always asked me if my thoughts get lonely and leave, apparently there is some truth to that.

So yesterday and today I have tried to jot down what random thought was wandering around which may not make it random but if I don’t write it down I am never going to remember it.   I sat for 10 minutes just trying to think about what I might have been thinking about earlier and came up with a big blank whiteboard.

Random thought just now – the hens in purchasing are discussing the pros and cons of fudge making and I really wish they would shut up because now I want fudge and my ass certainly doesn’t need it.    (side note:  when I did a spell check with word press it wanted to change “I want fudge” to “I want to fudge” and now I have the giggles and I’m really not sure why).

Below are the 15 random things I managed to think about yesterday and today.

1.   Banning tuna fish from the office – eat your cat food in the cafeteria please.

2.   Banning tape guns from the general office area – echos like crazy in cube world, go to the back.

3.   Banning open back shoes from the office – flip flop I do not

4.   Next days agenda

5.   Bills

6.  Groceries

7.  Skyrim

8.  Lack of sleep

9.  Books to read

10.   Being happy again

11.   Photography

12.   Music to download

13.   Quotes from Winnie the Pooh

14.   Women in the office need to wear a slip or real undies because nobody wants to see someone’s ass eating their dress.

15.   Coffee

Some of those sort of circle around like buzzards all day but for the most part that is about as random as it gets.  And nothing stays there for long.  It’s cold and dark and there is no telling what sort of horrors are lurking in the corners waiting for a chance to pounce.   Thinking of that makes me think of this….Gollum waiting to take my thoughts and make them his precious.



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